World Evangelical Center

In today’s digital age, media has a greater influence on society than ever before and information is overflowing. This environment poses unique challenges for Christians, yet it also provides unprecedented opportunities to spread the good news of Jesus Christ with people who were previously unreachable.

The Media & Information Center that is based at the “Twin Buildings” will offer space for several hundred staff that work for a variety of Christian media initiatives, including news media, portals, broadcasting sites and more. It will also be the home of the WEC Library and Archives.

WEC Library

The WEC Library’s vision is to create a large collection of Christian books in order to share them widely with Christian leaders globally. As many Christian schools, book stores and churches are closing down in traditionally Christian countries, there is a great risk that valuable historic books will be thrown away or get lost. The WEC Library seeks to preserve books and resources and also make them available digitally, so that churches and Christian leaders around the world can benefit from free access to the great wealth of Christian information and knowledge that has accumulated over the centuries.

WEC Archives

The WEC Archives seeks to preserve documents and other material that record the history of God’s work in and through evangelical organizations, movements and individuals around the world. The services are especially geared towards organizations that are based in countries that have no access to proper archiving facilities, which increases the risk of loss of historic material over time. The WEC Archives host a growing collection of records that will be digitized for easier access by students and researchers.

Media Partners

Christian Daily International (CDI)

CDI is an emerging international Christian news media outlet that is building a network of reporters and editors in every region of the world who will then report on their own regions and countries. Committed to professional journalism that is full of grace and truth (John 1:14), CDI will focus on three primary areas: Integral Mission, Religious Freedom, and Christian Unity. National editions already exist in Korea and China, and the global edition is expected to launch this year.

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Kenosis Media Group (KM)

KM is a global network of Christian digital brands that share a common mission to create and promote content rooted in the knowledge of Christ for all peoples, using technology to reach as many as possible, in as many ways as possible. KM’s vision is inspired by the prophecy in Isaiah 11:9, to fill the earth with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

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