Evangelical Center

Immanuel Chapel

The Immanuel Chapel is located at the center of the campus and offers space for some 800 people for worship services, retreats and special events. The former Roman Catholic church was built in the shape of a cross and features beautiful stained glass windows. The space behind the chapel includes several offices, a conference room, library and study rooms.

Professional Education Center

Training the next generation of leaders is an essential part of what the Evangelical Center is about. The Professional Education Center seeks to provide a learning environment where younger leaders not only acquire knowledge and skill but are also shaped by fellowship with other believers who devote their lives to building God’s Kingdom and mentoring by older, more experienced Christian leaders in their field.

Every believer has received unique gifts and talents from God that they are called to use to build His Kingdom. In order to train men and women to refine their skills and apply them in a Christian environment, a wide range of mission, language and vocational schools will provide a combination of classroom and on-the-job learning opportunities in IT, art & design, media, trades & crafts, and more.

In the first phase, the Professional Education Center will be located in the U-shaped building right at the main entrance gate to the Evangelical Center. The three story buildings with two wings will offer some 50,000 square feet of space.

In a second phase, the Professional Education Center will enter the four large H-shaped buildings with study, work and living capacity for several hundred people. With more than 600,000 square feet of combined space, they include apartments, offices, classrooms, conference rooms, common areas for fellowship and a large dining hall in a fifth building in the middle that connects the other four.

Christian Innovation Center

In an era of rapid technological developments, exciting opportunities arise to collaborate and share the Gospel in new ways with the next generation and those who live in areas that are difficult to reach with traditional evangelism methods.

As a space for creative thinking and exploration, the Christian Innovation Center includes six I-shaped buildings called the “Tech Park” that will provide work and living space for up to 1,000 people. It will bring together IT specialists, designers and media professionals teaming up with younger and emerging talents to create a space for innovation and start-up ideas to support evangelism and sharing the Gospel with the digital generation.

St. Luke Hospital

The ten-story building that towers over the campus and is visible from far away is a former hospital that will be renovated and equipped with modern medical equipment. Its primary purpose is to serve missionaries, ministers and pastors who struggle to access medical services due to inadequate medical facilities in their countries or because medical insurance is unavailable or unaffordable. A major focus will be on comprehensive medical check-ups and preventive healthcare.